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If everyone could respect sulli and her decisions, that would be great

now i know why you are called shoulder hyung…


Dear Sulli,

You debuted at such a young age, and I understand how tough it would have been for you to make a final statement to take a break from the entertainment industry. All of your fans will be right behind your back, so please cheer up, lovely.

설리야, 건강한 모습으로 우리 다시 만나자.

MC Junmen in action…

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131226 Tao’s Weibo DP and Bio update

"During the times when I’m feeling bothered or exhausted, there’s someone who can console me and accompany me by my side, while holding my hands and telling me "It’s okay,Tao-ya". During those times, it feels like everything just vanished into thin air. Thanks, mom.

note : by mom, he meant suho


You know, I’m wondering why everyone keeps asking why SM is ‘forcing’ f(x) to stop promoting Red Light just because Sulli’s taking a break.

f(x) themselves said “If we were impatient, we would have came back as a 4 member group” (or something like that honestly I don’t remember sorry) 

So hasn’t it even crossed your minds that maybe they stopped performing Red Light because it’s their decision? Amber said it herself that they choose to come back when they want, maybe they can choose to stop promoting too. They have a valid reason. They’re a group that really likes to stick together and doesn’t like to leave anyone out. The cases where Sulli missed performances during Pink Tape era or Electric Shock era were due to filming for either dramas or movies. The problem now is that she’s leaving SM for a while to recover from all the hate that brought down her physical and mental health. 

I’m pretty sure that if there’s a situation as serious as this, I wouldn’t want to keep promoting a song without her. They would just be promoting without Sulli with the mindsets that they just have to get the performance over with, rather than performing because they have fun performing, and sharing their unique music to us. 

I believe they chose to stop promoting as a group because it’s pointless to keep promoting when someone in your family is now mentally unstable because of people who think they’re fans of f(x) but really aren’t. 

I would obviously want to stop promoting because I’d be too damn worried over the person in my group going through depression; how can you possibly keep promoting at ease after this whole situation? 

Jinyoung for 10+Star Magazine

Sohye imitating how Yura sleeps